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  • Divemaster Manual

  • Divemaster Slates

  • Divemaster Chevron

  • Divemaster Application

  • Divemaster forms

  • Divemaster worksheets

  • Encyclopedia new one 2006

  • Diving knowledge workbook 2006

  • Divemaster led programs DVD

  • Divemaster Briefcase bag

  • Dixie Divers' Cap.

  • Price:$171.12  save $159.00


PADI Divemaster Manual #70090

  • PADI Divemaster Manual
  • Price:$32.02 $29.95

  Divemaster Crewpak
PADI Divemaster DVD #70844
  • Closed Captioning
  • Divers edition

    Price:$29.06 $24.95



PADI Diving Knowledge Workbook #70214

  • The Diving Knowledge Workbook is a self study guide to help evaluate and enhance your understanding of the most important aspects of recreational diving: physics; decompression theory; the aquatic environment; equipment; physiology; the Recreational Dive Planner. This book is ideal to anyone with a desire to learn more about the academics of diving.

    Price:$29.06 $24.99



PADI Divemaster Video

  • Closed Captioning on NTSC version

    Price:$29.06 $19.99

  Divemaster Video

PADI Instructor Manual

CD-ROM (pictured) #70827

paper version # 71120

  Price:$211.42 $ 169.00

Digital Instructor Manual

Instructor Candidate Workbook #70508

  • Filled with valuable information for the PADI assistant Instructor course.
  • Used to take notes during the program
  • Price:$66.43 $ 59.99

Instructor Development Course Candidate Workbook
PADI Divemaster Slates #60207

   Price:$43.99$ 34.99

Divemaster Slates
Confined Water Dive Teaching Slates #60194
  • Waterproof slates
  • Contain information for conducting the confined water dive portion of the PADI Open Water Diver course
  • Price:$59.99 $ 49.99

Confined Water Dive Teaching Slate

Open Water Teaching Slates #60202

  • Waterproof slates
  • Contain information for conducting the open water dive portion of the PADI Open Water Diver course
  • Price:$49.99 $ 39.99

Open Water Teaching Slates

Confined Water Dive Presentation Slate #60573

  • Waterproof slate
  • Allows candidates to prepare confined water dive teaching presentations quickly and easily
    Price:$16.99 $12.99

Confined Water Dive Presentation Slates

Open Water Presentation Slate #60571

  • Waterproof slate
  • Allows candidates to prepare open water dive teaching presentations quickly and easily

Open Water Presentation Slates

Skill Evaluation Grade Sheet #60228

  • Waterproof slate
  • Allows you to keep track of your student divers' progress throughout the course
    Price:$18.99$ 14.99

Skill Evaluation Cue Cards
eRDP with Instruction Booklet #70028
  • The eRDP is a specialized calculator for surface use. It is not a computer. Although it is moisture resistant, it is not waterproof.
  • The eRDP is an electronic dive table. It provides the same maximum dive times, surface interval information and pressure groups as the RDP table version. It allows planning of single and repetitive dives. On the right side of the image there are some example screens of calculated information.

    Price:$28.54 $ 19.99


RDP, the Wheel, Imperial #60050

  • The PADI Wheel Recreational Dive Planner (RDP) is the best non-computerized solution for calculating multi-level dives.  Developed by PADI over 20 years ago, The PADI Wheel represents a unique approach to manual calculation of initial and repetitive dives.  By incorporating multi-level dive profile information, The PADI Wheel allows you to get the maximum dive time on initial and repetitive dives.  The Wheel is also essential for Dive Master candidates to complete performance requirements.

  • Price:$46.48 $37.99

Diving with the Wheel DVD #70845

  • Instructional video for using the wheel
  • Divers edition
  • Price:$20.14 $17.99

Best of the Undersea Journal #79510

  • A compilation of the interesting articles from the Undersea Journal --PADI magazine for dive professionals.
  • Price:$39.99 $ 29.99

Best of the Undersea Journal

Encyclopedia of Recreational Diving #70833

CD-ROM version

  • 3 disk set –PC or Macintosh versions available
  • access to Encyclopedia of Recreational Diving website
  • Additional disk includes electronic version of the Diving Knowledge Workbook
  • detailed expiation of Dive physics, physiology, equipment and dive environments
  • Lots of video clips on different dive topics.
  • Price:$69.68$ 59.99

Book version #70834

  • Hundreds of pages full of dive information
  • Detailed expiation of Dive physics, physiology, equipment and dive environments
  • Price:$40.72$ 37.99

Encyclopedia of Recreational Diving
  • For logging your diving education
  • Fits 3 ring binder.
  • Price:$7.34$6.99


  • Fits 3 ring binder.
  • Price:$18.99$12.95


Law and the Diving Professional #70197 
  • Essentail guide detailing the dynamics of the diving industry.

   Price:$32.02 $ 28.99

Law and the Diving Professional
Divemaster Emblem #21012

Price:$8.99 $ 7.99

Divemaster Chevron #31010

   Price:$3.62 $ 2.99

If you are: Advanced Diver / Rescue Diver / Divemaster / Padi Instructor

IDC Weekend Format / IDC 7 Days Format / IDC Staff Instructor / Emergency First Response / Master Scuba Diver Trainer Prep.


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