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Garmin Descent MK2i & Descent T1 Transmitter

Garmin Descent MK2i & Descent T1 Transmitter
5 November 2020

Heading into the holiday season, what more could a diver want than a brand new dive computer? Picture the look on your favorite diver’s face as they unbox one of the best gifts they will ever receive, a top of the line Garmin Descent MK2i paired with the Descent T1 Transmitter. 


There’s a reason Garmin is a leader in the industry when it comes to innovative aquatic technology. Every time a new product is released it’s miles ahead of the competition, serving to make your underwater adventures, as well as your surface intervals, easy and even more enjoyable. The new Garmin Descent MK2i is the latest and greatest by Garmin, featuring all the dive computer essentials such as single gas and multi-gas mode, air integration and dive planner, while including unique hallmarks such as a pulse oximeter and using the touchscreen feature even while 100 feet below the surface. Utilizing the sophisticated GPS technology that initially garnered Garmin’s fame, the Descent MK2i notes your dive entry and exit points automatically, while you are able to analyze the topography from the customized screen that you devised. For those freedivers looking for a dive computer, the Descent MK2i also has an apnea mode, apnea hunting mode and even an oxygen sensor, bringing an added level of safety and precaution to your diving or freediving experience. 


If there is one way to spot an avid diver, the first thing you will probably notice is that they’re wearing their dive computer on their wrist at all times, even during surface intervals. Garmin takes the dive computer to the next level by really honing in on surface features for sports and activity capabilities like swimming, cycling, use of gym equipment, running, and even golfing! The list of specifications runs on with key features like measuring your VO2 max, a caloric monitor, heart rate alerts and tracking your respiration rate while exercising, among other unique characteristics. Aside from all the software capabilities, the MK2i exterior design is unparalleled, with a titanium bezel equipped with a scratch-resistant sapphire screen. It’s apparent how Garmin values and supports your active lifestyle in and out of the water.


The technology doesn’t stop with your dive computer, the Garmin Descent T1 transmitter will be in stock in mid-November 2020 and the anticipation is palpable. The Descent T1 employs the use of Garmin’s patented sonar technology, Subwave, to transmit the signal to your dive computer, allowing for a wider range. Typical transmitters use radio transmission, allowing for about a 2-3 meter radius, while the Garmin Descent T1 transmitter allows a range of up to 10 meters! This pivotal function provides the ability to connect to 5 transmitters at once, keeping track of all your dive buddies with a quick rotation of your wrist. This is the perfect package deal for the beloved scuba diver or freediver in your life who is looking for an all-encompassing wrist mount dive computer, smart-watch and personal safety supervisor. 


Place your pre-order for the Descent T1 transmitter and secure your Garmin Descent MK2i for the holidays. This item is extremely popular, don’t wait! Call the shop today at 954-420-0009 or check out our website at


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