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+ All saltwater-proof components and construction
+ Stainless ring and web handles to carry the bag
+ Size: 26" long and 25" wide at the bottom

+ Zippered dump opening on bottom
+ Made in the USA with lifetime warranty


The Armor Lion Fish bag has a backside that is made of a tough 18oz vinyl coated fabric that will help minimize things sticking through it. This model provides extra protection on the side of the bag nearest the diver. The other aspect of safety is to move the location of the Lion Fish, that are already in the bag, further away from the hand that inserts the fish into the bag. So this model moves the insertion point to the top of the bag and farthest away from the bottom of the bag, where the caught lion Fish will be located.

(Disclaimer: No fabric will prevent all penetration under all circumstances. Larger fish, with stronger spines, can in some circumstances poke through this and other materials. Our bags are designed for the best combination of function, usability, and efficiency).
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