"CATCHING THE BUG" & "CHASING TAILS" - Comprehensive Prep Guides for Lobster

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Counting down the days until Mini Season? Already buying up stores of butter? The best way to prepare is right here. We are offering "Chasing Tails" and "Catching the Bug second edition" in an exclusive package to give you the lowdown on all the tips, tricks and secrets of the trade when it comes to capturing the Florida Spiny.



"Catching the Bug" second edition by Jim "Cheify" Mathie
Catching the Bug-second edition is the comprehensive guide to catching the spiny lobster. This second edition has updated information and redesigned in an easier-to-read format with many more Chiefy stories. There are new and improved pictures with additional chapters including "Chiefy Goes Global," providing world-wide lobster information. It is still formatted in the same three sections-Find, Catch and Eat the Lobster.

"Chasing Tails - Catching Lobster Like a Pro" featuring Bruna Pavan
In this DVD, you can learn the various ways to catch Florida Spiny Lobster. Including the use of the "net and tickle stick" combination, the traditional snare, the automatic snare, and the lock-less snare. This DVD also goes over the rules and regulations, as well as proper gear. After watching this DVD, You'll be bringing home dinner in no time.


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