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Enjoy diving for two with this Hookah Double Diver Package. One fifty foot hose connects to your Tank with a piston first stage. The splitter then splits off into two 20 foot hoses ending in second stage regulators. The hose is secured with a hose holder and nylon weight belt.


+ (1) 50 ft diver hose

+ (1) Y-Divider

+ (2) 20 ft diver hose

+ (1) Piston first stage with H2Odyssey button gauge

+ (2) DXDiver 2nd stages

+ (2) Nylon weight belts with hose holders

+ (1) 80cf Brushed Aluminum Scuba Cylinder with Fresh VIP and Fresh Hydro


**Due to shipping costs and laws regarding shipping tanks by air, customers in Alaska, Canada and overseas will need to contact us directly by e-mail or telephone.**

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