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Our original float diver, with a bigger raft and bundled with "The Kraken" hose system - truly the beast of diving. Air is supplied by two tanks feeding into one 50' down hose. The hose then splits into two 20' diver hoses complete with second stages. Perfect solution for when the "Double Diver" system does not provide enough air. This kind of system is popular for boat cleaning, salvage, treasure hunting, lobstering, and spearfishing operations. TANK NOT INCLUDED***


+ (1)  Beuchat Guardian Float

+ (1) 50 ft downline hose

+ (2) 6 ft tank hoses

+ (2) Y-Dividers

+ (2) 20 ft diver hoses

+ (2) Piston first stages with H2Odyssey button gauge

+ (2) DXDiver 2nd stages

+ (2) Nylon weight belts with hose holders




 The Guardian Board facilitates arrival at the fishing site, transports equipment, water, food, stores the necessary paperwork and holds your mobile phone and GPS. 

An important safety feature is that it also gives the diver a high level of visibility as well as providing a place to rest, if required.

  • 19-litre watertight detachable compartment positioned at the front
  • Detachable storage pocket positioned above the compartment
  • Multiple attachment points (20 plastic and 2 stainless steel)
  • Mooring line attachment.
  • Inflatablecushion at the rear for efficient finning
  • Finsbeneath each float provide stability.
  • Double-layeredFloats manufactured in 500 denier, double-coated red PVC, measuring 0.85mmthick.
  • 1.2m diveflag that comes in two parts for easy storage
  • Two carrystraps enable the board to be transported on your back or with another person.
  • Weight:4.5kg
  • Dimensions: 68 x 116cm
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