POSEIDON Jetsream Mk3

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The Jetstream Mk3 is an updated version of the classic Jetstream regulator. The second stage is now connected to an Xstream first stage, thus creating an even better version of this high performing regulator.

With its unique style, multiple colours and rugged reliability, the Jetstream is ideal for beginners and experienced divers alike.


Effortless breathing at any depth. The first stage incorporates a safety valve that allows you to continue to breathe normally from the second stage, even in the unlikely event of abnormally high pressure air in the first stage.
The inhalation membrane won't cause a free flow in a counter current or when riding a scooter, which is a huge advantage of having the purge button on the side. It also gives the diver a freedom to select if the hose comes from the left or right without serious performance limitations.


> Equipped with two dive modes
> Robust, durable
> Approved to EN250 cold water standard
> Unique Thermo Dynamic Anti-freeze system (TDA)
> Reliable high performance
> 2nd stage could be used either from left or right
> Upstream 2nd stage valve
> Standard on Atmosphere full face mask


>US Navy, Italian Police, Technical Divers

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