Kayak Diver Kit - 60' QRS Hose with Tank and Egressor System

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With Brownie's Kayak Diving Hose Kits you can leave your tank topside and move about freely and effortlessly as the hose glides behind you - out of sight and out of mind. So many different applications and configurations make our Hoses and Kayak Diving Hose Kits a MUST!

All divers are taught to carry a secondary air source in case of an emergency and third lung hookah diving is no different. We recommend that all divers carry enough air to make a safe ascent at any time. More than just a safety device, you'll find all kinds of uses for your Egressor system. Light and small, it can be donned in seconds - much less time and effort than donning a full set of scuba. Perfect for quick response to items dropped over-board, verifying anchor location, hull inspection, prop clearing, pool maintenance, and much more!



Our proprietary Quick Release Swivel (QRS) fittings greatly reduce hose kinks while diving and also make it a snap to add or subtract hose sections. Each Brownies Kayak Hose Kit includes the following:

2 - DXDivers Regulator

1 - DXDivers Balanced Piston 1st stage

2 - Mini pressure gauge.

1 - 12 inch hose with standard first stage fitting, 

1 - 60 foot main hose, 

1 - 40 inch regulator hose with a standard second stage fitting, 

1 - 80cf Brushed Aluminum Scuba Cylinder with Fresh VIP and Fresh Hydro

1 - Brownie's Drop Weight Cummerbelt with Egressor retention sleeve

1 - H2O Odyssey First Stage

1 - 34 inch flex hose

1 - Silicone regulator necklace

1 - 6cf Brushed aluminum pony bottle with fresh VIP and fresh Hydro

The kit replaces the hose on your scuba regulator. Want to do some conventional diving on scuba? There"s no need to unscrew the kit from your first and second stages; simply remove the main hose length. The whole operation takes less than 10 seconds.

The Drop Weight Cummerbelt comes with 2 pockets - each capable of holding up to 10 lbs. of lead block or shot pouches. For added safety and control, each pocket can be instantly released by either hand (even if gloved) while still retaining the belt.

You can easily achieve positive buoyancy by releasing a single pouch - much safer than dropping all your weight at once. And you always stay connected to the air hose and the surface.

The egressor system rides along in a handy sleeve in the small of your back - out of the way, yet always convenient. Not some tiny bottle that only provides a false sense of security, this system features a 6 cf scuba pony bottle with regulator and flex hose, integrated valve/first stage, low-profile HP port button gauge, and the retension sleeve for the back of the Drop Weight Cummerbelt.


**Due to shipping costs and laws regarding shipping tanks by air, customers in Alaska, Canada and overseas will need to contact us directly by e-mail or telephone.**

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