Sopras Sub Oval Regulator Set with Flex Hoses


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Whats Included:

+ Balanced Piston DIN 1st stage
+ Balanced Adjustable 2nd stage with Flex Hose
+ Adjustable Octo with Flex Hose
+ SPG with Compass
+ LP Inflator hose with Flex Hose

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Amaranto / Soprassub just rolled out their new regulator that comes with all the options you'd expect from a quality regulator. Balanced piston DIN style first stage with an environmental seal. 2 high pressure and 5 +1 low pressure ports with the additional port positioned on the bottom. The balanced diaphragm second stage is a compact shape with a low profile exhaust tee. It is fully diver adjustable with a control knob and a Venturi lever. The octo also sports a Venturi lever and yellow purge button. The kit comes with a mini console that contains an SPG and compass. A standard fitting low pressure inflator hose is also included. Primary, secondary, and inflator all come fitted with braided flex hoses.

All components are Nitrox compatible up to 40%

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