Pony Bottle 19CF with Bracket and Regulator

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+ 19cf pony bottle with "K Valve"
+ Regulator with Piston 1st stage and 2nd Stage Regulator
+ "Button" Style SPG Gauge

+ Problue Pony Bottle Bracket for BCD Tank Band Mounting
+ Rubber Necklace to hold 2nd Stage

Pony bottle only, other tank not included

DXD First stage. DXD 2nd stage hose connects to the 1st stage. Easy breathing due to the conventional regulator design. More air volume than similar redundant systems but still small for traveling divers. Pony bottle comes with Fresh Hydro and VIP Sticker. 19 cubic feet Pony Bottle. 36" flex hose.. Balanced 2nd Stage. Button gauge. Problue Pony Bottle Bracket for BCD Tank Band Mounting. Designed for 6.9" to 8" diameter primary cylinder. Octo holder to clip off 2nd stage. -LARGE TANK NOT INCLUDED: DISPLAY PURPOSE ONLY-


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