Atomic X1 Blade Fins, SubFrame Mask, SV2 Snorkel, Women's Snorkel Set - SMALL Size / PURPLE


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  • Ideal for divers who use alternate kicking styles
  • Suitable for all types of diving, including tech
  • Firm fin blade for powerful kick stroke
  • PACKAGE INCLUDES: Subframe Mask - SV2 Semi Dry Snorkel - Blade Fins - Mesh Bag
  • US Women's shoe Size: 6-7


For divers who prefer a firm fin blade with the need for extreme applications or alternate kicking styles, the Atomic X1 BladeFin is for you. This scuba diving fin generates a large amount of thrust on your power stroke, making it ideal for tech diving or divers who use powerful kicks. Atomic's newest addition to their line of scuba diving fins is the X1 BladeFin, with high performance output at an affordable price. This new scuba fin blade design provides efficient kicking. Where the original BladeFin excels in power and speed, the X1 BladeFin excels in the ultimate amount of power for all types of diving, including extreme applications and tech diving. Its unique fin blade is optimized for alternate kicking styles of swimming.
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