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+ Diving with a redundant backup air supply is a great way to make diving safer


+6 cf or 13 cf Pony Bottle

+Pony Tank Holder

+34" Flex Hose

+Fill Adapter

+Swivel Connection

+Nylon sleeve

+Balanced 2nd Stage

+Button Guage

+Velcro strap to connect to weight belt

+Rubber Necklace to hold 2nd Stage

+ Black Nylon Belt with connectors 

+Parts maybe substituted with equal quality products to fill order


+ Balanced First Stage Has 2 L.P. and 1 H.P. Ports 

+ 2nd Stage Hose Connects To the 1st Stage With A Vertical Swivel 

+ Easy Breathing Due To The Conventional Regulator Design

+ More Air Volume Than Similar Redundant Systems But Still Small For Traveling Divers

+Pony Bottle comes with Hydro and VIP sticker

It is an excellent unit to use as a back up system for Scuba Divers or when using a hookah system. Also it can be used to dive down to recover a lost item in the water, Boat propeller inspection, removal of debris under the boat, cleaning the bottom of the boat, pool inspection for leaking, pool repairs, Treasure hunting on shallow water, and a back up breathing system for high speed boats and small planes.

This system can air travel as long as the bottle is emptied with the valve off and checked with the rest of the luggage.

How to Travel With a Scuba Tank

Step 1: Open the valve and empty the scuba tank of air. This is necessary either for travel by road or air. 
Step 2: Unscrew the valve from the scuba tank with a wrench. TSA regulations require scuba tanks to travel empty and without the valve, so the interior of the tank is open to inspection. Store the valve either in your checked or carry-on baggage. 

Step 3: Wrap the tank in cardboard packing. One way to do this is to cut strips of cardboard long enough to cover the tank from the bottom to the shoulder, or the part of the tank that begins to narrow to the valve aperture, and tightly bind it around the tank with packing tape. Alternately, wrap the tank in bubble wrap. Remember to leave the tank's valve aperture open for inspection if traveling by air. Aluminum tanks in particular are prone to scratching, which can compromise the tank's structural integrity, and need this extra protection.


**Due to shipping costs and laws regarding shipping tanks by air, customers in Alaska, Canada and overseas will need to contact us directly by e-mail or telephone.**

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