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The new handle and HF aluminum barrel are the new trademarks of Omer's 2007 speargun line. The muzzle, open or closed, is also new and it allows the use of a single or double rubbers. The bridge on top of the muzzle is cast in stainless steel and it is removable. The Cayman HF is available in the following sizes 75cm, 90cm, 95cm, 100cm and 110cm.



This speargun handle is new, featuring ergonomic and mechanically innovative characteristics. The triggering mechanism is highly sensitive and extremely resistant to the traction of the slings. When grabbing the handle, the position of the hand is high in relation to the shaft, allowing quick aiming and great absorption of recoil. The line release is manufactured in die cast stainless steel and positioned on the side, allowing it to be used also with a reel. The safety is also positioned on the side and the reel guide is very slim allowing the space between the reel and the barrel to be reduced to the minimum. The Cayman handle features two chest protectors in different dimensions (interchangeable) and two ergonomic handles for both right handed and left handed (upon request).

This barrel is manufactured by the pioneering and exclusive technology of hydroforming. Omersub has been able to apply, for the first time ever, this technology to the field of spearfishing. The result is a barrel featuring a revolutionary geometry which allows great floatability ( thanks to the greater internal volume), stability in the water and hydrodynamics. All these result in great shooting accuracy. This barrel is not comparable to anything on the market today. The stiffness is 33% higher compared to any other standard cylindrical carbon fiber barrel.


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