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About Dixie Divers

Dixie Divers first opened its doors in Ft. Pierce, FL, in 1976.

Dixie Divers was once a part of a larger franchise with several locations; the location in Deerfield Beach was opened in 1986. Arilton Pavan then bought the store which has grown and become a standalone dive shop. The franchise is gone but Dixie Divers in Deerfield is Growing strong with new innovations and excellence in costumer service.

What started as a small town dive shop has now grown into an amazing 5 star PADI dive center with our own new Newton 46 foot dive boat and our own training pool on the property.  
What started as a small town dive shop has now grown into an amazing 5 star PADI dive center with our own new Newton 46 foot dive boat and our own training pool on the property. We are now part of the diving elite, raked in the top 10 dive stores in the USA and in the top 20 internationally. With over 1,000 new diving certifications provided annually.

Not only has Dixie Divers pushed the envelope, we have expanded our horizons.Did you know that Dixie Divers was instrumental in making the use of Nitrox legal? We made history in 1999, making it possible for instructors, dive guides and scuba divers to use Nitrox (click here to view the Document from Occupational Safety and Health Administration). Nitrox diving, a mixture of oxygen and nitrogen gases replaces compressed air as the breathing gas. The partial pressure of nitrogen (a gas that causes decompression sickness) in the gas mixture is lower than it is in compressed air, and that lower pressure allows the diver to remain longer at specified depths than conventional SCUBA divers who breathe compressed air at those depths, and to do so without increasing their risk of decompression sickness.

Today, the store is fully equipped with an air and premix Nitrox station (pioneer, first one in the area to have Nitrox premix continuum flow). We also have everything needed to certify you from Discover Scuba to Instructors and Tech Divers.Our store has two full size classrooms, automatic doors for a drop-off fill at your convenience and also, an overnight gear drop off area.All repairs are done in house by professionally trained and certified technicians. Our boat, the "Lady Go Diver is the biggest dive boat in the area comfortably accommodating 36 divers, each with two tanks, or 50 snorkelers.

Dixie Divers are now WORLD RECORD Holders! On June 16, 2018 during the Deerfield Beach pier annual cleanup, we were entered into the pages of the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS, for the longest human chain underwater. The previous record was held by Dive Industry of Victoria in Australia with 353 divers, we are now the record holder’s with 386 divers. Not only was a new record set but one-half ton of lead, 52lbs of wood, 161 pounds of line, 104lbs of metal, 102lbs of miscellaneous debris for a total of 1465lbs of material removed during the cleanup. ( )

With our frequent loyal customers and longtime employees, along with Pavan's large family, you are made to feel right at home in paradise and you will leave with new friends of your own. Come in and experience it for yourself!


Take a look inside of our store with Goole 360 Virtual Tour .

You can see our inventory, classrooms, pool, spearfishing department, freediving department, our fill station and more:

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What costumer saying about us:

"Dixie Divers offers great service and great prices. I got certified there and recommend it for every one who wants to have a great diving experience with helpful friendly service. they offer great deals and do there best to help you find whats best for you. i strongly recommend Dixie Divers!" Douglas Carino Deerfield Beach, Florida

"Well this was my second time in Boca Raton diving with Dixie divers in the past year, and again I am so impressed with the operation. All of the crew on the dive boat always acts as professionals and the store staff is so accommodating. In fact the comment was made "make yourself at home" when I asked if I..." Terry Taylor Winnipeg, Canada

"I recently completed my open water certification and have done several dives with Dixie Divers. The staff was very friendly and professional!!!! This is a great local dive shop, that has an outstanding reputation...they have been doing it for years, and continue to provide top-tier service for divers of all experience levels!! When it comes to South Florida diving, Dixie..." Jared Lane Coconut Creek, Florida, United States

"I have dived on the Lady Go Diver many times and have always found the dive master and Captain helpful and willing to go the extra mile to make the trip both safe and enjoyable. The boat is large and no matter how full it is there is always room to don your dive gear". Carl Pennick Lighthouse Point, Florida


"I got my Open Water Certification with Dixie Divers last year and just signed up for my Advanced Open Water Course. Pavan and his staff are very friendly and attentive. I have also signed up for multiple dives on the Lady Go Diver and never had a bad experience. Their Dive Master Igor and Captain are also wonderful. I wouldn't.." littlelady82 Miami, Florida

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