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SeaLife Camera Seminar and Demo Dive
at Dixie Divers
Thursday, June  15th 6:00PM

Join SeaLife Sales manager, Karl Schuster, for an in depth look at the SeaLife Micro 2.0 Pro 2500 set and the new DC2000. We will go over the features, set-up and functionality of the Micro 2.0 and their brand new DC2000.
We will also have 5 X Micro 2.0 Pro 2500 sets available as DEMOS for the Friday Night "Deerfield Fishing Pier Night Dive© and Saturday during our Deerfield Beach Pier Cleanup.
Demos available for seminar attendees, first come first serve!

Call now to register - 954-420-0009

Night Dive Under the Pier

Friday - June 16th 7:00PM

Friday night, June 16th, join Dixie Divers for a night dive under the Deerfield Beach Fishing Pier.
Meet-up at 7pm at the pier - you can pull up and drop off your gear at the pier and find parking along S. Ocean Way and the parking lot at 1st street across from the fire station. You will need to pay for parking, cash and credit/debit cards accepted. There will be a support team to help with gear and to check divers in and out of the water. No charge for the dive, but divers must provide their own gear including lights and tank beacons. The City of Deerfield has arranged to close the pier so divers may enjoy it safely.
For more information, call us at 954-420-0009

Guinness World Record Attempt

Saturday June 17th 11:00AM

-Longest Underwater Human Chain-

This event has been generating a lot of attention!!
-Organization will begin at 11A.M. following the pier cleanup and should end by 12 Noon
-Divers will provide their own tank for the event - If you are participating in the pier cleanup, make sure to bring an extra tank for the world record attempt!
-Each diver will be provided with a numbered clip to determine our total count and should be clearly visible.
-Dive Clubs and Dive Teams are encouraged to wear their logos and distinguish their Teams with T-shirts, Headbands, Banners, etc to promote their organization!
-All divers are welcome!
-The current world record for the Longest Underwater Human Chain is set at 182 divers held in Koh Tao, Thailand. With the turnout of volunteers we've had in the past, this should be no problem!
-The media will be present to share our story with the world and we will also be putting together our Annual Event Video for Facebook and YouTube. You must register through our Facebook to participate!!
-Call Dixie Divers (954)-420-0009 to register - provide your name, phone number, and what organization your are diving with.

Deerfield Beach Pier Cleanup 2017
Saturday, June 17th
8AM Registration
9AM - 12PM Cleanup and Dive!!

Dixie Divers with help of City of Deerfield Beach has arranged to have Deerfield Beach Pier closed on June 17th 2017 from 9:00am until 12:00pm so that divers can maneuver among the pilings with safety. Volunteers are needed to dive the pier and for the land duties such as pulling up the buckets the divers will fill with mono-filament line and lead sinkers and to co-ordinate the surface onlookers. All volunteers can keep as many lead sinkers as they like or you can help by cleaning the beach or by just talking about diving and our local environment. Mono-filament line is a hazard to many sea creatures especially sea turtles and birds who get wrapped up and cannot free themselves. These poor creatures eventuallystarve so please join us and help clean our local area of this danger to our underwater friends. This is the 6th annual Reef Sweep presented by Dixie Divers. City of Deerfield Beach will keep records of the trash weights and different composition. Dixie Divers will be video taping the divers and volunteers who participate for a DVD that will be given to City of Deerfield Beach and Broward County for their environmental education programs. Dixie Divers has received a recognition for excellence from 2010 PADI Americas for Project Aware Marine Environmental Award. The Pier dive is one of the most fun for local divers because of the variety of creatures and the abundance of life there. Normally closed to divers because of fishing this once a year treat lets us help the environment and dive a forbidden spot all at the same time.

Procedure for All Volunteer (Divers, Snorkelers and helpers out of water)

-Unload in front of the pier, anyone who wants to park in the pier parking lot will have to pay.
- Park Free at Main Parking Lot. (the one on the side of Fire Station)
- Registration is from 8:00 A.M.- 9:00 A.M.
- Must have C card or Certification Number for Divers and Liability release signed before get in the water.
- Dives are from the Beach
- Bring cutting tools (for mono-filament) snips, scissors, and small rake.
- Free event t-shirt to all volunteers.
- Bring family members for the Beach Clean up and help on the top of pier.

Please contact Dixie Divers at (954) 420-0009 for more information.


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