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Dive Referral

Our dive referral certification takes just 2 days and includes 4 dives. Bring your dive referral paper work and spend your mornings learning to dive in real open water conditions. Not some cold rock quarry. Enjoy all that South Florida has to offer. This way you can enjoy your vacation in Florida! And, earn your PADI dive certification card.
All you need to do is take the dive certification class with your local dive shop and complete the academic and confined water (pool) portions of your dive certification at home. When you finish this portion of the training, your l

ocean dives in the warm tropical waters of Florida. All dive shops offer dive referrals. Instead of doing those cold ROCK quarry dives, come to the tropics and dive with us. Your
dive shop, dive instructor will issue you a "Letter of Referral". This allows you to complete the OW. Dives.

Let's go diving!
Our dive referral courses include 4 dives in as little as 2 days. This includes full open water divetours, with plenty of time underwater! We don't do just skills, we teach you how to dive by guiding you along some of Florida's best reefs. We take groups up to 8 divers, no more than 4 per instructor. This way you can complete yours dives, in as little as 5 hours a day for only 2 days and in the clear blue waters on Florida. You will earn your certification card, and have a good time SCUBA diving. There is nothing like being underwater! In between dives we talk about the marine life, dive skills and break for snacks about 50 minutes. All the gear you need for diving underwater is also included in the class. All you need to bring is snorkel gear, bathing suit and a smile!

During each dive we'll help you master diving skills, reduce your air consumption, teach you to dive safely & show you florida's marine life. We dive different parts of the reef or different locations if the weather changes , so you will see new and exciting marine life .Please click on videos icon below to view and learn more about our local diving.


Local Beach Diving


Dive The Sea Emperor Wreck


Dive Great Fort Lauderdale

Our dive referral certification is designed for visitors on vacation. We can even change our dive locations and times to meet your needs (at a slightly higher price)! so you can enjoy your stay on Florida. We know you want to do other activities, so we can break up dives to work around your schedule. We also book activities for your convince. Having a good time while earning your dive certification is important to us!

Dixie Divers is now offering lodging for out of town guest. Lodging is within walking distance of the beach, dive shop and the dive boat ( Lady Go Diver). For only $20.00 a person per day,(max two tenants). Please click here for more information.

Open Water Referral Dives including boat fees and Dive gear.
One Student $299 each
Two Students $279 each
Three Students $249 each

Our Open Water Dive Certification Referral Course is $299.00 (this is the internet discount price, regular price is $349.00) per person.
Once again, all equipment is included on all of our dives.


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